The U.S Money Reserve’s Enterprise of Trading Precious Metals

The U.S Money Reserve is a top private distributor of platinum, silver and gold products that are issued by the U.S government. The company operates from its headquarters in Austin, Texas and it has served more than 300,00 clients since is was established in 2001. Read more: Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum

The firm identifies products that have a great profit margin for buyers and sellers of the precious metals by employing professionals who are well informed on coin research and numismatic.

The U.S Money’s website indicates that the firm reserve strives to go beyond the typical standard of the industry to offer high-quality customer service that makes it have healthy and long-lasting relationships with its clients. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The firm shows its social responsibility by giving back to the community. It recently helped the Austin Police Department in raising three thousand dollars to fund its Operation Santa Blue.

Philip Diehl, who serves as the current U.S Money Reserve President, was recently interviewed by Eric Dye on the Enterprise Radio of Entrepreneurial Podcast Network.

Mr. Dye hosts an educative business program that gives an opportunity for upcoming entrepreneurs, small business owners, and top business leaders to share their strategies for activities, innovations, experience, latest products, and services.

Mr. Diehl has been featured in various interviews this year, and he has enlightened the public on his history in leadership, the U.S Money Reserve’s client service quality and the future state of the precious metals business.
An article on the PR Newswire says that the Philip Diehl once served as a Director of the U.S Mint and the company significantly recognizes him for his achievements.

He is acknowledged as the best director that has ever led the company and among his greatest achievement are leading the firm to finish the Fifty States Quarter project and the minting of the pioneer coin that is U.S government issued. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

During his tenure, Philip helped in transforming the U.S Mint from a lowly performing business to a successful organization. The company committed six years to bettering its customer service.

Mr. Diehl uses the same business strategy of having an excellent customer service since he joined the U.S Money Reserve and these policies have made the company to be one of the leading distributors of U.S government issued precious coins, bars, and bullion.

The company has developed a flexible IRA program that will make it possible for people to own gold as a way of storing their wealth and earn profits when there is a positive change in the prices of gold.

Davos Group Launches New Real Estate Application

David Osio recently announced Davos Real Estate Group has stepped into the app marketplace by with the Davos Cap Calculator. This application is being passed along first to their clients so that they can estimate the possible returns on investments they intend on making in the real estate market.

Gerard Gonzalez, Davos Real Estate’s Executive Director, has forged a partnership with tech company Tecknolution to take the concept of their app from idea to a functional tool. Clients will be able to download the app for use on either iOS or Android powered devices. But it’s only the first of a series of applications Davos Real estate intends to extend to their clients so that they can be better connected to their investments and empowered with a more profound understanding of the real estate market overall.

David Osio has stated that the Davos Cap Calculator also acts as a pivot of sorts for Davos Real Estate. In the future, the company aims to become more technologically inclined when it comes to how their clients make investments in real estate, whether they remain a client or not.

The Davos Real Estate Group has grown in recent years. With a platform that has expanded by more than 60% and sales that have boosted by 75%, Davos Real Estate has never been in a better position to expand further. With the use of this app, they plan to establish a broader presence to begin their push for more international business. The release of the Davos Cap Calculator comes on the heels of strategic partnerships Davos has set up with real estate agents in Europe. Their first acquisitions are expected to be made in Spain before spreading out to other countries.

Founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group, David Osio has prioritized his professional career in the development of global and domestic business strategy. This has included a personal involvement daily operations and management that has led to the development of a portfolio that has led this group to be as influential as it has. This comes after a successful career in international banking, starting with Banco Latino, where he managed corporate and private assets.

For more than twenty years working in asset management, David Osio and the Davos Financial Group have become a financial power players in Latin America, while Davos retains offices in major financial sectors like Miami, New York and London.

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Brad Reifler’s New Partnership

Brad Reifler is a businessman and an innovator who has dedicated his entire career to give the best financial advice to clients. Brad Reifler is the CEO as well as the proud founder of his current company, Forefront Capital Advisors. This company is a global financial company that is happy to provide many services to clients including alternative investment opportunities, merchant banking, as well as international banking services. Every single client that requests the consultation of this investment firm is treated as a long-term partner of the company. The advisors at this firm have a system that provides each and every client with a unique experience that guides them to their ideal investments to make that will yield to highest return. Every single client of Forefront Capital is a well respected individual who has become even more successful thanks to the help of the Forefront advisors. The products of this firm have been designed to mitigate the risk with each and every investment.

In recent news, Brad Reifler has created a partnership with the Easter Seals Dixon Center for the purpose of continuing Brad Reifler’s passion for giving back to the community. The partnership was sealed when MR. Reifler and his team donated $3 million to the center. Mr. Reifler chose the Easter Seals Dixon Center because of the organization’s positive impact that has been made to the veterans of the military. This organization has successfully helped with barriers that veterans often face when returning home such as healthcare, employment options, and even education.

Brad Reifler was particularly impressed with the fact that this organization worked both locally as well as nationally to help every veteran break down any obstacle that has been in the way. Both organizations believe that this partnership will bring many benefits to those who have just ended their time in the military. Brad Reifler feels particularly passionate about helping each and every veteran become 100 percent financially stable. As an expert in this field, Mr. Reifler will be able to help each veteran in more ways than providing donations. Mr. Reifler is excited to see where this partnership will take them.  Be sure to follow Brad on Twitter @BradleyR.

The Midas Legacy and Why you Should be a Member

The best way of taking charge of your life and being on top of your financial situation is to get help when you are stuck. Do you need professional services that will ensure that you get the best plan in life? Have you heard of The Midas Legacy? The reality is that finances usually influence a great part of our well-being. When we are in financial chaos, we experience stress and even health issues. There is a way of making life smooth and enjoyable. The trick is to work with someone who knows how to help you transform your life.

At The Midas Legacy, you will find professionals and experts who have a wide range of experience in matters related to financial planning and overall well-being. The Midas Legacy are service providers who specialize in advisory services and research. They understand how stressful some aspects of life can be and they equip you with the knowledge and tips needed for surviving through the toughest of times.

At The Midas Legacy, new members are welcome at all times. In fact, when you sign up for their services, they have pecks and benefits waiting for you. For instance, as a new member, they will give you a bonus in the form of a book. The book is normally made free for new members. It is called the Midas Code. The Midas Code is a book which was written for those who would like self-help tips to help them transform their lives in the areas of retirement, financial management and even emotional and mental health.

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Unlock Your Secret

The Midas Legacy’s Role in Your Wealth Management

At The Midas Legacy, the team is made up of experts and contributors for products which they make available to their members. They also have best-selling authors and experts in other areas, who are available to encourage and instill skills and knowledge to their members and help them along the new path they have chosen.

At The Midas Legacy, the team is also concerned with community services. They engage in charity and one of their brain children is the Give Hope Foundation. The charity foundation was established so as to help those families in Florida which have children who are suffering from cancer. They not only give them financial support but also emotional support.

Apart from their services, The Midas Legacy also welcomes members from all over. With their offices in Winter Garden in Florida, they are able to reach many.

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Portia Kersten, Skout CFO, Profiled as Business Leader


The Huffington Post ran a profile on Portia Kersten, CFO of Skout, a global plat form for connecting with new people. Kersten was featured as part of the publication’s Women in Business spotlight. Kersten was an easy choice for this type of profile given her extensive background in leadership in business. Kersten has mostly specialized in leading startup companies during their fundraising stages so that they can take advantage of their early growth potential. Since earning her MBA from Columbia University, she has been highly sought after for her business acumen and ability to generate the necessary capital to launch new businesses.

In the interview, Kersten shares some perspective on what her life was like growing up and how she blossomed into such a successful business leader. She describes a positive childhood without many extras or financial stability. Instead of dwelling on not having a bright financial future, Kersten began working hard to change that possible outcome from an early age. She says she dreamed of ways to make an impact on the world and always imagined doing something innovative. When times were tough during her early years in business, Kerten says she relied on the advice and example of some amazing mentors. Kersten also indicates that she is inspired by other successful female leaders, such as Margaret Thatcher. Her biggest piece of advice to other women aspiring to follow in her impressive footsteps is to understand that confidence as key. She sees the lack of confidence as an impediment to many women in business.

Skout has been making serious waves as a social networking site for today’s busy professionals. It is described as a great way to meet new people outside of your existing social circle. Since it was first launched, the app has grown into a worldwide presence. It operates using a coin based system so that users can unlock different features and find new ways to interact with other users on the app.

Recently, Skout has expanded its offerings through the app to include real world events, such as planned mixers. Essentially, users connect online through the app and then meet up at various events around major cities as a way to blend online and offline relationships into something meaningful. To accomplish this expansion, Skout has partnered with Nixter, a platform that facilitates event scheduling for party seekers in the city. Investors are very enthusiastic about Skout’s new capabilities.

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Education Tech Company Defining The Future Classroom

ClassDojo is an education tech startup based in San Francisco. The firm is the brainchild of two enterprising businessmen, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The company has proven really successful when it comes to providing communication solutions for both parents and teachers. ClassDojo provides its very own communication platform that takes the form of an app. This is what the founders of the company realized was missing when they set out to form the company.
ClassDojo has found a home in 2 in 3 schools in the United States. It is being accepted all across the spectrum, from private and charter schools to the largest public schools in the country. It is also being widely accepted in schools in other countries. ClassDojo has succeeded in transforming the classroom into a community that brings together parents, teachers and students.
Teachers use the app to constantly provide information to parents via instant messaging. The app is bound to make parent-teacher meetings obsolete. Teachers can share their schedule of activities with the parents and also share memorable class moments with the parents using photos and videos. The app also proves handy when it comes to conveying important announcements and information to the parents.
For parents, ClassDojo provides a perfect opportunity for them to take part in the wonderful moments that their kids have in school. Through the app, they are also to monitor the growth and the progress their children are making in school from the comfort of their office or home. The app however seeks to go beyond the classroom. According to Chaudhary, the app is also meant to guide conversations back at home.
Investors have taken notice of the immense success that the firm is bound to achieve. In the latest round of funding led by General Catalyst, ClassDojo managed to raise an astonishing $21 million. This puts the total that the company has raised since inception at $31 million. The co-founders state that the latest funds raised would go towards enlarging the team and improving the usability of their famous app.
Currently, ClassDojo have not yet began generating any revenue. However, there have been proposed methods of revenue generation that include providing premium features on the app that users can pay for. However, according to the firm co-founders, the company will not generate any revenue from the user data they have.


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Talk Fusion and Bob Reina Are Taking the World by Storm


Introducing Bob Reina
You might be wondering who Bob Reina is. He is the Founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is indeed taking the world by storm. Bob Reina and his team at Talk Fusion are leading in communication and marketing solutions. Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are creating a buzz around the entire world. Bob and his team are the seventh biggest video company. They are seventh in the world.

Your Business Needs Talk Fusion
Every business needs Talk Fusion according to Bob Reina. Your business will benefit from the Talk Fusion marketing solutions. Keep your business strong and connected. Live broadcasts and video chat will keep your doors open. Your business will also discover that video marketing will enable you to stay connected to your customers. A video newsletter is simple to upload. All of the Talk Fusion products equal good sense. You can better promote your brand with sight and sound. Corporate trainings will have your customers taking notice because your message will be clear and compelling. Talk Fusion equals business for you. A video email will have the ability to build relationships. Success is within your business grasp with the many Talk Fusion products. Custom templates will be created to match your business colors and logo. Tracking options will enable you to track your customers. Find serious customers and obtain those customers who express curiosity about your brand. Great technology has led Talk Fusion to the development of superior products. You have an invitation to try all of the Talk Fusion products for 30 days for free. Try these products and see for yourself how these products will enhance your entire business. Talk Fusion means business. Connecting to your customers is essential. You will have the necessary help to get you started and trained.

Bob Reina and Philanthropy
Bob Reina is a former police officer. He is talented and skilled. He started Talk Fusion because he saw a need amongst society. It is apparent that he is a compassionate individual because philanthropy is included in his own life. He is a supporter of animals and the Humane Society.

I Learned How To Manage My NonProfit From Sanjay Shah And Solo Capital

I wanted to learn how to manage my nonprofit from someone who knew what they were doing, and I wanted to keep learning as much as I could from a successful person. Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital, and he is running Autism Rocks as the best charity in the world for autism research and kids who have autism. There are a lot of people who are struggling with autism, and their parents are looking for someone to help them.

I want to raise money through my own nonprofit, and I learned how Sanjay Shah raises money with his charity. He puts together concerts for people who show up and pay the charity, and he hires the best musicians in the world to show up to the events People come to the concerts to hear great music, and then they are writing checks to the charity. I want to make the same kinds of events that he makes, but I want to do it in my area.

I have a lot of resources in my area that will help me start my own concert series, and I will make up concerts just the same was that Sanjay Shah does. I also want to invest the money that my charity makes the way that Sanjay Shah does. He uses Solo Capital to invest the money that he raises, and he is trying to make the most money he can for the people who need it the most.

I learned that Sanjay Shah runs Solo Capital and Autism Rocks just like anyone else would run any other business. I am not going to be in a place where I have to do anything special to run my charity. I am going to use the resources that I have, and I am going to use my common sense. Sanjay Shah has a business empire that is going to take over the world, and I am so happy to see that he is so successful. I will be just as successful as him, and I will use his tips to make my nonprofit successful.


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Lime Crime Reaches 2 Million Mark


Let’s face it. We live in a world where social media is quickly taking over. Every day a new Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more is created. Perhaps if we even take it one step further every minute somewhere in the world a new a page is created and it’s mind blowing. Businesses are now having to immediately jump on the social media bandwagon. No longer do we have to wait for an email before we can communicate with a business now it’s as simple as logging onto a website or into a application and instantly you have access to not only the company but it’s customers as well.

Earlier this month Lime Crime a cult makeup company that has been famously known for it’s drastic color selections reached a huge pivotal point in their business when they reached 2 million Instagram followers. Many customers generally only focus on using social media to push product to their fan base but CEO & Founder Doe Deere wanted to approach Instagram in another way. She wanted to make Lime Crime’s social media a place where followers could feel as if they are a part of the brand. Every day followers have the opportunity to be featured on the Instagram page by simply posting their own personal photos of them using the crime lime products it’s that simple. Lime Crime understands that customers love to be a part of the brand and in order to make fans and customers feel a part of the experience they created this opportunity for fans to share on their page. Many companies criticized their approach initially but now that they’ve gotten over 2 million followers on Instagram it goes to show that their approach is working and perhaps other companies should consider following suite in the future.

Being a lover of make up I often find myself going checking out others photos and Crime Lime’s Instagram is always a go to resource for me. They help me think out of the box with my make up and give me the urge to think outside of the color box.

Find out more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime at

Up-Close With Coriant CEO Shaygan Kheradpir


Telecommunications is a very competitive industry. This means that those placed at the helm of telecoms firms need to have impeccable management qualities. This will give them the ability to provide transformative leadership, which will drive their firms forward. Coriant CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir is such kind of a leader. The Cornell University engineering graduate has left a trail of success wherever he has worked. This has seen him named among a rare breed of leaders in the telecommunications industry.

A Sneak-Peek into Shaygan’s Career

Mr. Kheradpir has had an outstanding career, which has seen him get recognized as an innovative manager. His experience in the corporate world spans nearly thirty years. During this time, he has worked in telecommunications, technology, and commercial services. His career began at GTE Corporation where he worked tirelessly and proved to be a competent employee with the ability to deliver within timelines. Thereafter, he had an appointment at Verizon as its head of information. This saw him become part of an executive team, which oversaw the modernization of the firm’s operations. He is also credited with leading a team that pioneered one of the biggest infrastructural programs in the telecoms industry while working at Verizon.

Kheradpir also worked at Barclays where he was the chief operations officer and head of technology. The position also accorded him an opportunity to serve on the corporation’s executive committee. He made numerous contributions to the bank with the most notable one being his leadership of a transformation team, which saw the bank reorganize its setup to suit the needs of its clients. Later on, Shaygan served as Jupiter Networks’ CEO. Here, he masterminded the development of an integrated system for the firm, which eased operations. Before being appointed at Coriant, Mr. Kheradpir was an Operating Partner in charge of telecom investments at Marlin Equity Partners.

Other Activities

Kheradpir has published extensively especially in the fields of telecommunication and technology. He owns numerous patents, which are registered to his name. He is allied to the National Institute of Science and Technology, the Young Men Christian Association and Cornell University. His appointment at Coriant has already prompted optimism due to his proven ability of helping companies grow.

To learn more, visit and follow Shaygan Kheradpir on Twitter @ShayganK.