The Changing Economy

The economy is undergoing a lot of changes. One of the most notable changes is the work environment. This economic downturn has resulted in a surge of new entrepreneurs. Many people are looking finding ways to work for themselves. In many cases, they are putting together plenty of different gigs of a certain variety that they can handle. The government is having a hard time keeping up with this. As of right now, there are no laws that protect freelancers and independent workers. As a result, freelancers and other entrepreneurs do not have the benefits that come with full time jobs.

As of now, there are efforts being made in order to bring improvement to the lives of entrepreneurs. As of now, there have been two initiatives that have been revealed. One of these is portable benefits and the other is called the Good Work Code. This has been put up with the intention to provide a safety net. This also allows for flexibility and stability for freelancers.

However, there is one thing about entrepreneurs that needs to be taken in account, it is that there are may different types. Some of them start businesses and go on to hire workers. One of them is Handy Housecleaning services. Handy is one of the companies that is behind the initiative to bring forth benefits to independent workers. Handy itself has proven to be a very trustworthy company. They provide services for people that need it. One of the reasons that they are the most trustworthy among other cleaning companies is that they are very hard to get into. They have strict requirements and only the people that meet those requirements will enter. This is to protect the customer.

Handy has looked at the flexible benefits and is one of the companies that are looking to provide protection for workers that are not traditionally employed. Handy has made a lot of achievements in its short time, from recently receiving $50 million in funding to booking over one million jobs. Handy in fact started as an entrepreneurial idea. For one thing, entrepreneurs have a mindset of providing and serving others.

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CyperCloud – Prepared For Growth With Funding of $50M

CipherCloud is unique in the entity. It is not a cirrus, billow, or lenticular cloud, it’s a Cipher Cloud. A calculated, nonentity, secret coded cloud built by CipherCloud. AES 256 considered to be among the top ciphers. It is considered uncrackable in theory as the combinations of keys are massive and it has no known weak key problems as does several of the other clouds floating about.

CipherCloud is known for its multi-cloud viability and consistent control delivered only by CipherCloud. The CipherCloud platform provides consistent control of security of customer data, ensuring data is never exposed to malicious threats or unauthorized users while meeting enormous ranges of requirements of privacy and audit compliances, and all of this is managed by a unified console.

This firm is located in San Jose, California. Founded in 2010 by Pravin Kothari, who previously co-founded ArcSight. Their original seed funding was from Andreessen Horowitz in 2011. Then in 2012 another round of financing was led by Andreessen Horowitz and Index Ventures totaling $30 million in that round of funding. Growing in size, building on their encryption to file-sharing and file-hosting like Box. Users are now able to track their data moving through the cloud and restrict the data access from being touched, seen, or accessed without the proper authorization.

Today, new funding has been received in a Series B funding of $50 million from Transamerica Ventures, Delta Partners, and existing investors, like Andreessen Horowitz, and T-Ventures. CypherCloud plans to use this round of funding to expand their sales and marketing division that would open new avenues for customers to join them and increase revenues and customer base. Of course, talented software engineers are always a talent no growing company can afford to not hire.

Data privacy is an ongoing concern for large firms and private citizens. It will always be a concern with every data retention source no matter who they are, but CipherCloud has an edge on other data storage enterprises and it stays as their number one goal, and that is to maintain the edge they have over other data storage companies. One thing that clients feel very comfortable with and that is the CipherCloud platform is a gateway encrypting data before it is sent into a cloud environment. The data is decrypted by an authorized user only with the proper authorization to access the data. CipherCloud does not have access to any data stored and only the user creates and maintains the authorization code(s). The platform is also capable of using tokenization. When Tokenization is applied, it substitutes a data element or code with a non-sensitive equivalent called a token. That identifier makes the token unworkable to reverse.

The growth possibilities of CipherCloud are astronomical with their team they are achievable.

Recent Expo Shows The New York Real Estate Market Is Better Than Ever

The New York real estate market is performing better than it ever has before. Analysts in the city are marveling at the strong numbers real estate developers are showing, and TOWN Residential is one company that is taking advantage of the strong market. Other companies are doing extremely well, but TOWN is at the forefront of the New York real estate market. This article explains how TOWN can take advantage of a strong real estate market to improve its bottom line.

#1: Numbers Are Soaring

TOWN Residential is not the only company that saw its numbers soar in 2015, but TOWN Residential is the company that expanded the most. The company recently opened an office in London to bring investors over from Europe and Asia, and the increases in the New York market have allowed TOWN the cash to afford their new office. The market cannot grow without foreign investors, and TOWN Residential reaches out to foreign investors more than anyone.

#2: TOWN Develops And Keeps Private Customers

TOWN Residential is active in development around New York City, but the company is not a developer alone. TOWN works with private clients who are looking for nice places to live around the city. TOWN often places its customers near its new development, and the company is sure that it can raise property values near its new developments. The city is exploding around TOWN’s developments, and private customers are finding beautiful places to live in revitalized parts of the city.

#3: New York Is Plateauing

The New York real estate market is plateauing at the end of 2015 due to strong growth across the city. Developers in every corner of the city are seeing gains, and the market is staying at a high level that could be maintained through 2016. New York developers are hoping the city can maintain its high growth, and each developer will make money on each new deal. High prices keep developers happy, and developers have more money to feed into new development projects.

New York is ruled by a few developers who help grow different parts of the city using traditional development models. These companies are showing massive growth in 2015, and developers like TOWN Residential are seeing great returns from their developments. High prices increase profits for developers around the city, and TOWN Residential is cashing in as it seeks more developers to improve the city even more.

Handy Gets A Boost From The Money Raised

If you haven’t heard of Handy yet, chances are you soon will. They are a relatively new app that has really revolutionized the way that cleaning has worked. In the past, many of us were faced with difficult decisions. We were forced to sacrifice our time and energy in order to keep a clean house. That’s not the case anymore. There is now help and it comes in the form of Handy.

Handy is a home cleaning service. Those who need help cleaning simply log into the app and specify how many rooms, which rooms, and when they need them cleaned. They are then matched up with a cleaning person and given a price quote for how much it will cost. It’s simple and it takes a lot of guess work out that typically goes along with other cleaning services. Handy is convenient and it’s an app that is quickly gaining popularity.

Handy is about to get a lot more use thanks in part to the company raising $50 million dollars. This nice chunk of change is sure to do a lot for the company. For one, Handy will be able to further grow and expand in the markets that it already is in. It’s really going to thrive in the cities where it’s already available. This is because more people will be able to learn about this service and Handy will be able to make some improvements to the app. They’ve already hit over one million bookings and were in talks to acquire one of their largest competitors. With this money, Handy will be able to test the waters and new places and see if there is a need for the home cleaning service.

Handy is also considering going international! There really is no shortage of places that could use this app and the money Handy raised will make that possible. People all over need help cleaning and that is where Handy will be able to step in. They will be able to make some upgrades and changes to their app with this money raised. Overall, Handy will be able to continue doing a great job as well as improve in the areas that they think they need too.

TOWN Residential is a Growing Luxury Real Estate Firm in NYC

New York City is a thriving city, and it is especially evident in the growing real estate market that is affecting every Burroughs. In Manhattan, the real estate index has grown almost 10 percent since last five years and this influx of new residents is rearranging the culture and the population of NYC reports Street Easy. Those who need lower rentals are forced to move beyond 110th St., which moves them farther away from the city.

Rising Real Estate Index Changes the Landscape of NYC

In Brooklyn, the NYC luxury real estate index has risen almost nine percent and the growth is attributed to people rediscovering the unique character that is New York City. TOWN Residential is a major part of the luxury contemporary condos and homes that are available in the high-dollar, high-quality bracket.

StreetEasy reports recently that this population growth will cause over-crowding and there will be more competition for all residential properties. Locals who desire to save money with lower rents will be forced to move to the south and east neighborhoods in Brooklyn and above the prime properties of Manhattan to streets past 110th.

Experts agree that renting in Manhattan is more expensive than ever, and of course, this affects the cost of the housing throughout the city. Those who desire luxury residential dwellings will find the listings and the extended service with TOWN Residential.

TOWN Residential is Top Luxury Real Estate Firm

The exclusive TOWN firm was founded in 2010, and in less than five years, they have become one of New York’s top luxury agents. “Our Town” is their slogan, and they have extensive experience in rentals, leasing and purchasing all types of luxury properties both commercial and residential.

In the next year, StreetEasy projects that both Manhattan and Brooklyn real estate will continue to rise and increase the luxury market. In both Manhattan and Brooklyn, one in five homes is already considered luxury homes with luxury marketing features.

The prime properties of TOWN Residential exclusively focus on high standards and high-quality apartments, condos, homes and developments. Modern contemporary homes with TOWN often exceed $5 million, and in TOWN Residential, they are designed for high-end investing. TOWN has virtually created their own market by extending the everyday standards of reality and taking it to a higher level. They have created an exquisite niche in the NYC real estate for offering incredible client services for each and every client, and their reputation with every property is what they have become known for in NYC.

Doe Deere – Makeup’s Rainbow Darling

Bold and bright colors are the biggest trends right now in women’s style. From the catwalk to the beauty shop, women all over the world are experimenting with pastel and bold hues as a personal style statement.

And while many women are experimenting with rainbow ombre hair and brightly colored bags, some are taking it one step forward by using a rainbow palette as part of their normal makeup routine. Bright eyeshadows, ombre lips the color of sunsets, even false eyelashes with gradient coloring are all the rage in fashion editorials and runway shows from the biggest fashion houses in the industry.

But finding a brand that focuses on a palette of gorgeous colors, from yellows to oranges to greens and purples, can be a bit of a difficult adventure. Many companies stay true to the middle of the makeup road, focusing instead on neutral palettes and natural makeup looks. Few well-established brands make palettes for the more adventurous makeup wearers.

But fear not, because the biggest makeup brand to cater specifically to those hue-heavy makeup aficionados has come to your rescue: Lime Crime. This brand, which has been well received and highly appreciated by social media and consumer alike, is run by none other than Doe Deere, an internet personality who is just as colorful as her makeup line.

Deere, who was born in Russia and moved to New York City when she was seventeen, is no stranger to social media, fashion, or makeup. She has been a social media sensation for years, beginning with a love of music and eventually moving into her passion — fashion and makeup. Now, as the founder of Lime Crime, which she runs with her husband, Deere is set to take the makeup stage by storm, having her line sought after both in Sephora stores and online.

While many watch her every move with growing curiosity, Deere has proven herself to be a trend forecaster, anticipating with great accuracy the trends to make it to the mainstream. And with every correct forecaster, she firmly grounds herself as the new face of bold makeup.

For many, Deere is a strange creature who packages pigmented colors in glitter and unicorns. For others, she is the bold voice that tells them it is good to be who you are. In either case, the enigmatic presence of this makeup executive, who makes regular appearances at both makeup industry events and social media functions, proves that being authentic to who you are — whether that is chic and classic or eccentric and colorful — can pay off in dividends.

Wikipedia Is A Great Place To Write

Always make sure that whatever you write on Wikipedia follows the rules, guidelines, and suggestions that article on Wikipedia needs. Never write about something you do not have ample knowledge about or anything that does not need to be written about. Here are a number of tips that all writers can follow — beginners or experts — to ensure that the average quality of their articles will be of the utmost quality.

Never use other languages. There are many sayings that are used in foreign languages that are easily understood by most, but keep in mind that there are people who might translate that article. Plus, what if the slang or foreign terms you used are taken offensively by others? Nothing will happen to you directly, but it is disrespectful to hurt anybody’s feelings.

Get Your Wiki writes articles that are meant to end up on Wikipedia. This company actually charges very low rates as Wikipedia writers for hire that many people choose time and time again. The website that you can find more information about is Any questions about this company or the services they provide can be answered by e-mailing this great company.

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Lots of fiction stories are covered on Wikipedia. It should be known that the content of the fiction stories should not necessarily be true in the real world, but they should be true in the world that they take place in.

Edit articles before you decide to write a new article. Writing new articles from scratch are often extremely difficult. Keep in mind that many people often get discouraged after writing an article and having to revise it and having people edit over whatever you originally created.

Always use lots of references when you write because encyclopedias are supposed to have a boatload of references to prove that the content in the article is one hundred percent correct. Who would want to read Wikipedia articles and rely on Wikipedia for content if the content isn’t even correct or reputable? That is right — nobody wants to read Wikipedia if they know ahead of time that the article is false.

Yeonmi Park Gives a Voice to North Korean Defectors

When you first lay eyes on Yeonmi Park your thoughts probably won’t stray to words like ‘strong’ and ‘unswayed’. Instead you’ll turn to gentler adjectives that more fit the pocket sized North Korean woman. Yeonmi Park looks for all the world like a glass doll figure, seamlessly posing in waking life. That isn’t what Yeonmi Park is, however, and if you took North Korea’s word for it you’d come away with a far different impression. For the North Korean regime, led by Kim Jong-Il, Yeonmi Park represents a very real danger. You see, Yeonmi Park escaped one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes that the world has ever seen and she refuses to stay quiet about what she endured. In order to push the world away from dictators like the Kim Jong family, there need to be people who are afraid but still willing to raise their voice. Brutal dictatorships operate because they know the oppressed people before them are too afraid to make a move, too scared of retaliation, and too beaten down to even try. So when you get that rare breed of fighter, like Yeonmi, North Korea will quickly take notice. That is why she has become enemy #1 to the regime. Yeonmi escaped North Korea as a young girl, endured years of human trafficking, and eventually made it overseas to the United States. Here she has become something of an activist, a quiet voice of power, and one that is putting the global power that is North Korea on notice. For all of their bluster and bravado it is apparent that North Korea’s government is on edge. Their stranglehold over the people of North Korea only works if the regime has absolute control over both the voice and the words that enter the ears of their people. The regime has banned pretty much any way of reaching the outside world to gain perspective on the situation for their oppressed civilians. There is no internet, Western media is banned, and merely owning a bootleg copy of a Hollywood film is enough to warrant execution. Entire family lines have been winked out of existence for daring to look at something other than North Korean propaganda. So when Yeonmi Park took the stage at the One Young World Summit, she did something that put true fear into the North Korean regime: she spoke up. In a country where even singing is banned, Yeonmi spoke candidly and fervently of the horrors that she faced as a growing child in North Korea. She spoke of watching friends and family members executed in the streets. She commented on the famine and hunger that spread through the country while Kim Jong-Un and his cronies grew fat on excess. She spoke of watching her father dragged off into a forced labor camp for being caught selling materials in China. But most of all she spoke of how she survived and how she still harbors hope. Yeonmi Park is a beacon for a region that has been torn asunder, and she deserves our unwavering support.

Eric Puller Striving to Assist Others

Eric Puller has long been an individual who has done everything in his power to give back to the local community. He has also shown a rather strong connection with the tech community, which has allowed him to become extremely successful in his own right. With his success, he has been able to assist others around him and give back to those who simply are not able to do it for themselves.

Eric Puller is from Teaneck, New Jersey where he grew up and went to grade school during the 70s. At this time, he had an extremely strong attraction to computers. Of course, the computer of the 1970s were far from what computing systems have become today. Few individuals went into computer programming at that time, yet Puller had the desire to work with computing so much that he started programming computers by the time he reached the fourth grade, and then he already had a database company up and running by the time he reached high school. All of this made him a rather attractive college candidate, allowing him to gain entrance in Harvard University in 1984. Of course, he did not just study computer engineering at Harvard. Computer design and engineering still mostly took place in garages and behind closed doors, so he studied English and American Literature. He also worked as an editor and columnist for the school paper, The Harvard Crimson.

Now, in order to assist with his love of computers and technology, Eric did take classes at MIT while still in school at Harvard. He went on to graduate from Harvard in 1988 and moved to the West Coast in the early 90s where he created the company People Doing Things. PDT for short, the company helps bridge the gap between the health care, education and technology industries so all could help one another and provide information to each through the aid of a computer network. During this time, professional grade computer networks still remained few and far between.

With this experience, he continued onward with his work in the health care industry while still incorporating computer technology. This helped him create the Starbright World social media network. Now, this social media network far outdates Facebook and other services like it. However, it is also far different from the other social media networks out there. That is because it is designed for chronically ill children who are in the hospital a good deal. It is hard for these children to develop friendships with other children their age or to connect with children who suffer from similar issues. With the help of Eric’s social media network, these children are able to communicate with one another, message each other and just stay in touch.

One Life To Live Continues To Endure

One Life To Live was one of the longest running soap operas of all time. OLTL as it is often referred to by fans started running in 1968 and ran for over 40 years before ending its run on television in 2012. For over 4 decades viewers have followed the lives and relationships of many members of the Lord family. The Lord family was a very wealthy family that lived in the fictional city of Llanview, which is a suburb of Philadelphia, located in Pennsylvania.

Throughout its run on television OLTL has seen dozens of characters and story lines with each character bringing something a little different to the show. In 2009 Crystal Hunt was added to the cast of OLTL as Stacy Morasco, the young, trouble making beauty who was obsessed with Rex. Stacy who was the younger sister of Gigi, was working as a stripper in Las Vegas when she spotted Rex and Gigi and decided to follow them back to Llanview and go on a mission to make Rex her man, even if that meant stealing him from her own sister. Gigi unaware of her sisters plan was very happy to see Stacy however that happiness would be short lived.

Stacey finally has a one night stand with Rex and ends up getting pregnant, only to have her plan fall apart when she miscarried. Rather than lose Rex Stacey sleeps with Oliver Fish in an attempt to get pregnant. Stacey gets pregnant with Oliver’s child yet lies and tells everyone the baby belongs to Rex. Hiding her secret and her desires to be with Rex Stacey enlists the help of her friend and fellow stripper Kim to help her continue with the lies. In the mist of all the lies Stacey is kidnapped and held against her will all because she is “carrying Rex’s baby”. When she lets the kidnapper know she has been lying about who the father is she is kicked out into a brutal storm where her sister Gigi finds her laying in the snow. Gigi brings Stacey inside a cabin where she helps her deliver her new baby girl Sierra Rose. When Gigi panics as the sight of Sierra Rose turning blue she decides to venture out into the storm for help only to find herself in even more trouble. Stacey follows after Gigi who ends up falling through the ice into the local lake with Sierra Rose in her hands. Gigi realizes that Stacey has also fallen into the lake. Gigi and Sierra Rose were saved however Stacey was not so lucky. She died from her fall into the frozen lake despite Rex’s attempts to save her. Almost one year to the day she started on OLTL Crystal Hunts character Stacey Morasco was gone but not forgotten.

Crystal Hunt played a great character as Stacey as well as many other characters throughout her acting career. She played a major character on another soap opera Guiding Light for 3 years as a character named Lizzie Spaulding. After acting on Guiding Light Crystal went on to play in movies such as “The Derby Stallion”, “Sydney White”, and “23 Blast”. More recently Crystal has had roles in “Magic Mike XXL” and “Queens of Drama”. She has also started getting into producing and is the executive producer of “Tablot County”. Crystal Hunt has been nominated for soap opera awards and daytime Emmys throughout her career and shows no signs of slowing down in the entertainment industry, and her popularity on sites like Instagram and Facebook just continues to grow.